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Animation Artist

A Hyderabad-based animation and visual design startup is building its team and looking for enthusiastic professional freshers to join them in a long-lasting journey.

Animation Artist

Required software: Z Brush, Blender, Maya, Marvellous Designer, Sketch up, i clone


1. Layout

Conceptualizing our environment based on the story of animated filmThen, adapting it to the stylistic choices of our film.

responsible for setting up all the elements required for establishing the animation sequence of our film. assembling shots into virtual scenes.

Modeling for every object before we can begin animation.


2. Modeling

They have to ensure that all models are designed in compliance with the characteristic visual style of our animation. Furnishing skeletal framework and develop skin. Designing Required costumes, adding facial expressions, paying close attention to adding specific muscle tensions that may be required.


3. Texturing

tapping into one of our primary senses, touch.

enhanceing the look or feel of a surface, working with a number of things, such as wrinkles, fur, scales, sweat, and mud.


4. Rigging

Representing 3D characters using a series of interconnected digital bones, working and moving all individual components of our model as a one whole.

It can involve setting up and managing controls for character’s movement, and forming a link between the motions of one object relative to another.


5. Animation

Adding life to characters, enabling us to tell stories and communicate emotions and ideas in a unique, easy-to-perceive way. Creating defy gravity and unleashing the imaginations.


6. Lighting

Using light to support the emotion of the story and make film look and feel believable.

Using different types of light sources to enhance the beauty and emotion of a film.

  • Setting the mood of a story through the aspect of lighting in visual storytelling
  • Shaping structures
  • Directing viewers’ eyes with changes in light and color
  • Gathering and utilizing reference images
  • And helping to successfully ‘light-up’ and render workflow



7. Rendering

converting models into usable images,

prepare sequenced rendered images or pixelated base frames.


Any Graduate with the required tools knowledge and expertise.

Z Brush, Blender, Maya, Marvellous Designer, Sketch up, i clone.

Job Benefits

Full TIme-based at Hyderabad



Employment Type
Beginning of employment
May 2021
Duration of employment
Job Location
Hyderabad, Telangana
Working Hours
10 to 7 PM
Base Salary
IndSalary as per industry standard-IndSalary as per industry standard
Date posted
April 3, 2021
Valid through
May 31, 2021
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Position: Animation Artist

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